Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 5 weighing a mere 35 pounds. Tracy has seen & experienced a lot over her past 36 years living with Type 1 diabetes.
At the age of 16, after experiencing a severe hypoglycemic event, living with Type 1 diabetes for 11 years, Tracy decided that the ideal career choice was to pursue nursing. Making the Dean’s List, she graduated in 1991, 8 1/2 months pregnant with her daughter.
After the birth of her son, Tracy felt it was in her families best interest to practice in an environment where her infant son & toddler daughter could be as well. As a result she began working full time within a Daycare setting. As well as distributing medications to infants & children she spent the remainder of her time working with Special Needs children.
While completing her Critical Care Certificate, Tracy operated a home daycare so she could be home until her children were in school full time.

While at her GP’s office being evaluated for a life insurance application, Tracy was asked to step up and down 20 times on the step that leads to the examining table.  Within a few steps, Tracy was short winded.  Subsequently, her GP explained the repercussions of her downward spiral to a complicated life if she did not begin exercising.  Tracy’s children were her life, she knew she had to do something to live long as well as be an example.

In October of 2000, Tracy’s son Kurtis was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes increasing her motivation & passion to move her career further towards working in the field of diabetes.
At that point Tracy was provided opportunity to work within a hospital setting, initially on the Medical/Telemetry floor and subsequently the Intensive Care Unit. She gained valuable experienced working on other various units as well. Eventually, Tracy became the person co workers referred to with regards to patients who were hospitalized with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. At that point, she felt it was best to be involved in prevention & education as opposed to the care of those who had already experienced complications as a result of their diabetes.
In 2003/4, Tracy spent 2 weeks each summer at children’s camp for sponsored by the Canadian Diabetes Association. There she was able to educate, assist in treatment of high & low blood sugars as well as become a mentor for staff & children living with Type 1.
After a lot of researching & networking she began working for Novo Nordisk Canada Ltd as a Diabetes Consultant. During almost 5 years with the company Tracy developed close, trusting relationships by providing education & products to all levels of healthcare professionals through continuing health education events, use of clinical studies and provision of relevant literature. Through hard work and focus she acquired exclusive contracts for 85% of her hospitals.. She shared several best business practices throughout her tenure. As well she was part of four new product launches. Tracy also provided presentations to new company hires as well. During her time with Novo Nordisk she completed her accreditation certificate for the Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education. When the time came to expand her professional and personal portfolio with Medtronic Canada Ltd as Territory Manager, Tracy was first out of 60 at Novo Nordisk with regards to sales and growth. She received several awards throughout her tenure.
For 2 years following that, Tracy worked for Medtronic Canada Ltd. As well as working with Health Care Professionals within her team of three, Tracy provided group education demonstrations and classes to consumers, as well as spending time in the homes of adults and children living with diabetes, demonstrating the use of an insulin pump & it’s associated technologies and supplies. Tracy was part of a major product launch with Medtronic as well. She was also the recipient of a quarterly President’s Award for achievement of sales. She was on a number of advisory committee’s as well.
Currently, Tracy has several contracts providing diabetes education. Her main focus with Diabetes Beyond Borders is to provide education, training & motivation to people living with Type 1 who want to take it to the next level of balancing their activity & fitness with their diabetes management.
Amongst her fitness/activity experiences, since her early 30’s, Tracy has run a half marathon, played many sports such as ball hockey, floor hockey, kick boxing, acquired her purple belt in karate, tri a triathlon. In 2010 she purchased her first road bike. Currently she mixes it up training with a trainer twice/week, running & biking.
Tracy’s next goal is to take her fitness to the next level while keeping her diabetes balanced so that she may present to & educate others.
She is currently on Insulin Pump therapy using blood glucose testing and intermittent continuous glucose monitoring

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